The Pro’s Corner: Multi-user timesheet and expense reports

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You need to see a timesheet report with several users, and don’t want to product one report for each person? No worries! Abak’s free custom reports can help.

The multi-user expense report and timesheet report looks similar to the standard report, but allow you to choose which employees to include in the report. The report will show a sub-total for each employee, and a grand total for all employees included in the report.

Get the free custom reports from our Extranet today!

Supercharge Abak: Pivot Reports

Last month’s AbaKast online training session was a resounding success! We sold out our basic reporting training session.

In April, our AbaKast online training session is all about supercharging Abak with Pivot reports. Pivot reports let you slice and dice Abak’s data any which way you like. If you want to move beyond our transactions list report, this is the training for you!

AbaKast 202: Pivot Reports

April 26th, 2012, 1h30 – 3h30pm, Eastern Time

Only 99$

Register here.