About Invoicing by Email

Another KI Invoice

I stumbled on two interesting Linkedin polls about the way customers like to receive their invoices. While both polls show a marked preference for receiving invoices by email, it’s also interesting to note the increase in this preference, over the course of only one year.

In 2009, about a third of customers preferred email to receive invoices. In 2010, this number almost doubled to 70%! Interestingly, the proportion of customers who preferred a paper copy did not change significantly, from 22% to 19,5%. Customers who prefer to log on to a portal or be invoiced directly in their bank environment is much lower.



Email 134 70% 86 36%
Hardcopy 38 19.5% 52 22%
Bank environment 19 10% 39 16%
Other 1 0.5% 62 26%
Total responses 192 240

Check out the Linkedin polls:

It seems email is becoming increasingly official a communication channel. Should it be? How reliable is email, really? Regardless, the fact remains that without email, invoicing is slower more resource intensive.

What do you think?

Save water: send your invoices by email


It takes 10 liters of water to produce one sheet of paper.  Humans need 2 liters of water per day to remain hydrated. This means that for each page of paper we use, we could keep 5 persons hydrated for a day.

Does it still make sense to invoice your clients by regular mail? Sending invoices by email is greener and faster. And it takes less space – one hard drive can keep thousands of invoices.

Abak automates invoicing by email – including recurring invoices. This helps businesses be even more efficient with their time and resources.

Today is blog action day. This year’s topic is water. Have a drink on us!