Cyber Abak – June 2013

Hello everyone!

The summer days are on the horizon and holidays are approaching fast. No lack of work on our side and we are working hard to finalize this summer the new version of Abak that will focus primarily on our Abak Web application. In any case there are many other interesting things to explore in this CyberAbak so enjoy the reading.

Cyber Abak October 2012

Cyber Abak October 2012

Welcome back!

Summer holidays now belong to the past and winter is about to knock at our door. Work activities have regained their cruising speed and Abak is here to optimize your time and workflow. Here is our Cyber Abak fall edition.

Enjoy reading!

·         Abak 7.5 is now available for download

·         New features planned for Abak 7.6 – early 2013

·         It’s time to move to Abak Web

·         New documents

·         New reports

·         AbaKast training sessions this fall

·         The Pro’s Corner: Figure out how much you could bill for each project

·         Abak and Accpac 300 ERP

·         Abak mobile and  iOS 6

Cyber Abak March 2012 is out!

Cyber Abak, our quarterly newsletter, is now online.

Here’s what we have in this issue: