The right tools for the right team!

As you know, we live in a very competitive world.

To gain contracts and projects, a nice reputation and past successes aren’t
enough anymore; you have to gather the key elements of the achievement equation:

Quality of the product or service + Reputation & referrals + Optimized prices and delays + Pragmatic organisation = Project acquisition

Therefore, the focus must be put on the preciseness of the price and the accuracy of the project’s structure as well as a satisfying accomplishment delay for the prospect.

At a preliminary stage (the quote), it is important to use work methodologies that allow you to calculate the price of a project. This price has to be competitive but should also generate important profits for the company.

With this in mind, a time management, invoicing and project cost management software is a must-have; its efficiency can be found in a logical follow-up of actions:

  1. Project architecture
  2. Quote preparation
  3. Budgets
  4. Time management
  5. Follow-up of project’s cost
  6. Invoicing

At the preliminary stage, the project management can define the main phases of his project and extrapolate any expected sub phases and activities.

That way, it is possible to anticipate different skill levels and attribute them diversified tasks, therefore make responsibility choices according to each team member’s abilities.

Honorary optimisation for everyone is then possible. For example, visiting a building site costs less that writing a technical report; elaborating a building plan costs more that informative meetings or administrative paperwork related to the project. A wise decision regarding those choices will optimize your offer’s competitiveness.

The software allows you to partition the project in as many phases, sub phases and activities you need in order to understand better the client’s needs, the project’s challenges, its risks and the time it takes to fulfill it. Above all, the software allows you to plan in details the required activities, the costs and the prices while considering competitiveness.

Working with this method allows a competitive positioning but also lets you save time when obtaining a project because most of the management and budgeting is already done.

No more double entry of data: you can just keep on working with Abak and follow-up on your project’s real-time cost until it is over!

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