”Just like a big company”, thanks to Abak360

Actions talk louder than words they say. After having implemented Abak360 software, Daniel Hallé is convinced of the efficiency this solution developed in Quebec.

Daniel Hallé is a chartered professional accountant (CPA) and a certified management accountant (CMA). He also is associate director, for consulting services at Connexe Technologie, a Quebec City based enterprise specialized in the implementation of solutions, development and consulting services.

”I’m a project manager and I had to compare different software in my career, says Mr. Hallé. I also had to make technology choices for others, Abak360 has always been a preferred system for timesheets, billing and integration with financial systems.”

Manual and double entries

When he arrived at Connexe Technologie in September 2013, Daniel Hallé immediately decided to replace the billing procedures. At that time invoicing was done with Excel.

The situation, back in time, at Connexe Technologie may sound familiar: before Abak360 we had to perform numerous manual operations, enter data twice, for billing, accounting, etc..

This is a method that, inevitably, is time consuming and source of potential errors. There was no such expense accounts management either.

Abak 360: Automation, safe and simple

At Connexe Technologie, the implementation of Abak360 software was really quickand simple. ”The implantation goes fast ; it is a matter of days, mentions Daniel Hallé. Customizing your entry codes takes a bit of time . Except for that, the use of software is really simple.”

Mr.Hallé adds that the support of Abak ‘s team is really efficient :” Support is excellent, whether it’s by phone or e-mail. We received great assistance during the implantation process too.”

Abak360 helped getting rid of the majority of manual operations and double entries, especially for accounting. Everything is now automated. ”At the end of each month, we close work in progress, and we generate the invoices the very same evening, explains Daniel Hallé. There is no loss of time.   He adds: ”I worked 15 years for big accounting firms. Abak 360 operates the same way, but in a much faster way, especially for small enterprises, not to forget the bigger ones!”

Abak is a fully hosted solution based on the concept of SAAS (software as a service). This option simplifies customer’s processes: no need to worry about updates. Updates and upgrades are taken care of by Abak. In addition to that, the history of invoicing is safely kept online, which avoids the need of having numerous backup versions.

From time sheets to accounting integration

Connexe Technologie uses different types of billing, real time invoicing or based on fixed price , based of the type of mission they fulfil.

Abak360 offers the versatility required and enable its customers to manage a complete cycle of activities, from time sheets, to invoicing, integrating work in progress, until the final step : integration with the accounting system. Abak software also gives the opportunity to fill out and modify time sheets online (web access and smartphone app).

”We’re equipped like a big company!” concludes Daniel Hallé

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