Here is how, an acoustic engineering firm, brings order in their administration process thanks to Abak360 software.

Is your time and billing management system entirely depending on multiple Excel documents?

Excel is a great multitask software indeed, but turning it into the mainstay of a time management system may lead to a messy situation.

This is exactly the situation Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering, an Alberta based company, was facing before they started using Abak 360 software.

”We used Excel documents to keep track of time and expenses spent on projects, explains Neil Morozumi, partner and acoustic engineer. We also had to follow-up time data spent on
miscellaneous activities . The problem is, none of all these Excel files where in touch with each other. It was a real mess : there were files everywhere!”

This lack of coordination was unsuitable for this company specialized in sound reduction, and active in the energy, transportation, as well as in industrial sectors.

The problem was even more important for Patching, because this system was suspected to cause financial losses.

”Each employee had to enter their time twice, for the billing process and for internal purposes, says M. Morozumi. This double entry procedure generated mistakes, without telling how easy it can be to forget invoicing.”

” It’s impossible to go back in time to check, but we have a serious doubt that, often, we haven’t invoiced the full price ”, says Neil.

In search of a solution.

Founded in 1988, Patching employs approximately 20 persons with various levels of expertise.

When it was time to welcome new partners, like Neil Morozumi, the company realized they should give themselves tools to evaluate the firm’s performance, in order to implement an appropriate strategic planning system.

” We looked at many options, but most of them where majorly focusing on billing, explains the engineer. In addition to that, several software were designed for big enterprises (500 employees and more) that was not the right fit for us.”

Patching needed a complete solution, which at the same time could manage projects, time spent on them and related expenses as well as employees time banks.
A personal contact of one of their partners recommended Abak360.
” Abak360 was highly recommended to us, explains Neil Morozumi. When we looked closer at the software, we figured out this was exactly what we needed. In addition that, Abak360 is perfectly adapted for the engineering industry.”

Abak 360 : a powerful and multipurpose system.

After the implantation of Abak360, a very short period of adaptation was required for the Patching team, ‘’because it’s a very different system” compared to the one previously in place.

Nowadays, the company saves a lot of time and nobody has to enter the necessary information twice.

”Like I said recently to someone who looks forward to purchase Abak360, Neil Morozumi explains, it’s not a system that will solve all the problems on Earth, we still need to enter data in it and discipline is required, but it’s very simple. If your company works with Excel, you will appreciate Abak360 for its flexibility and versatility.”

The engineer adds that the initial setup requires a little bit of work, ”but the Abak people will help you out.”

He noted that the enterprise is always ready to provide support in order to adapt the needs of their clients. ” And the Abak team answers fast!”

He also says that Abak360 is a simple system, often updated, which included various pre-sets related to project management, for example, and offers a great flexibility for the production of useful reports.

”The biggest difference between Abak and other enterprises of the same kind, concludes Neil Morozumi, is not only software itself, but also the great team working there.”