Abak version 7.5: my favorite features

A constantly changing environment.

A software version is a particularly perishable product. Indeed, to remain on the fore scene the software must be regularly updated, and host new features to meet the growing demands of its users and to maintain a good position to face dynamic competition.

Abak Software Inc. performs two updates per year. Beyond the continuous improvement of features the software must also meet the requirements of trend (Web), ergonomics and aesthetics. This is the case with Abak Web, the flagship of the range Abak, a complete overhaul of your Abak Classic, ergonomics and redesigned ‘look’ revisited.


My favorite functionalities in version 7.5

Version 7.5.0 of Abak Web includes numerous improvements, fixes and new features. Abak Web makes it particularly convenient and user friendly for the project manager to build the architecture of its phase based projects, to validate the time sheets of his or her colleagues assigned to the project, and at any time, wherever the project manager might be, to track project progress through various financial reports.

But there is much more:

  • Search function. Looking for a client or project for example has never been easier. Just enter one or more letters from the client name or project, in the search window and the software presents its selection.
  • Approve time directly in the project: It is possible to approve the hours worked on a project from the Project window, in Abak Web. When a day is approved in a project, it is no longer possible to enter time for that day.
  • Access to invoices in the customer history. At any time in Abak Web it is possible to check invoices for a specific customer.
  • Sending multiple invoices in the same email message when they have the same billing contact and the same contact in CC.
  • The non-billable time can be included in the budget monitoring reports.

There are many more new features to explore in Abak Web. Yours to discover!

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