Abak Celebrates 15 years of helping businesses grow!

The launch of Abak in 1997

The launch of Abak in 1997

Abak started out in 1997. That’s in that last century! We created Abak because, as an IT consulting firm at the time, we could not find a good product to connect timesheets from our employees to invoices sent to our clients.

Soon enough, our clients got wind of our home-grown time and billing system, and they wanted in on it! We started out with a few clients, who became our partners (and most constructive critics), and built an integrated time and billing system for small businesses in the professional services industry.

At first, we worked with accounting firms and architects, but soon engineering firms and consulting businesses of all kinds wanted to track project costs, revenues and margins automatically with Abak.

Today, over 25 000 people use Abak every day to log time, invoice clients, and make their business more profitable.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re offering our new clients 15 months for the price of 12!

This offer ends May 30th. Hurry before it goes away!

Try the demo, or request a quotation now!

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