Abak Mobile, a time management tool for small businesses

Professional services companies now have a mobile app for time tracking, even on the road!

Abak Software is proud to launch Abak Mobile, its mobile timesheet app for smart phones and tablets.

Guy Boisvert, Abak Software’s President, explains: “Abak Mobile frees people from their computer. They can now log their time whenever and wherever they are, which reduces errors and forgotten timesheets.”

Thanks to Abak Mobile, consultants, employees and contractors can log their time worked anywhere, without the need for a computer. Abak is a times and billing software with project cost management features, designed for professional services companies such as consulting firms, CPA firms and engineering consultants.

The data form Abak Mobile can then be used to invoice the client without having to key in the data in another system.

About Abak Software

Founded in 1997, Abak Software is specialised in business management software development for the professional services fields, in verticals like accounting, engineering, consulting and architecture. Abak is a 100% Canadian product.

For more information, visit our website: www.abaksoftware.com


For more information:

Karine Simard
Vice President, Sales &t Marketing
Tel: 1.888.849.8059 ext.234
Fax: 418.872.9018

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