A sneak peek at Abak Mobile

We are finally (almost) ready to release Abak Mobile to our clients. The new Abak Mobile module allows smartphone owners (iOS and Android) to fill out their time sheets on the go!

Abak Mobile allows users to do basic operations with time sheets:

  • Display time sheets
  • Create new time sheets
  • Duplicate an existing time sheet
  • Edit an existing time sheet
  • Delete time sheets that are not approved or not invoiced

Abak Mobile will be available in February 2012.

If you’d like to know more about Abak Mobile or try a demo, email me!

Find the margin thieves in your projects

James WilliamsProjects can easily start off with a good profit margin, and end up at a loss. Even if the billable rate is twice the cost rate for a consultant. Even with plenty of margin for error when the contract was quoted and signed.

As the project moves along, margins thieves get into the project and eat away at that comfortable padding we added to the contract. These margin thieves can go undetected until the end of the project, when it’s too late. Margin thieves often take the form of non-billable items that are not logged correctly to the project. For example, it can be time logged in an internal project or not logged at all, or an expense mistakenly absorbed in the overhead costs of the business. When the project closes, the administration team corrects those mistakes, and our profit margin melts away.

How can we fix this and prevent the margin thieves from going undetected? Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Make sure all expenses are logged to the project. This includes non-billable expenses, like parking fees or employee’s expense reports.
  2. Make sure all time worked on the project is logged to the project. This includes non-billable time, such as technical support time or administrative time.
  3. Make sure to log all supplier and contractor costs to the project, even if it’s non-billable.
  4. Run your budget control report religiously. If all expenses and work hours are logged, the report will tell you, in real time, how much the project has cost so far.
  5. Set up a workflow alert to email the project manager when budgets are in danger.

Would you like to know more about these 5 tips? Let me know!

Abak 7.4 now available for download

Abak 7.4 can be downloaded right now from your Extranet account. This is a must for Abak Web users, and an excellent opportunity to start using our Web-based interface.

Here are the new features in Abak Web:

  • Purchase order
  • Datebook entries
  • Reference tables
  • Invoice open and printing

Download the release notes here.

Reserve your spot on the free webinar and learn about the new features: January 26, 2012.