My Favorite Abak 7.3 Feature: Outlook Integration

Abak 7.3 is right around the corner, and we’re very excited about that! Amongst all the new features, our new Outlook integration is the shining star. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It was voted in by our users in our 2010 survey! 93% of all survey participants said they wanted Outlook integration, and there you have it. Have you filled out the 2011 survey yet?
  2. It ROCKS! Abak sends project assignments and datebook entries to Outlook, so the information is where we spend so much time, Outlook!

Here’s how it works!

It’s easy to decide exactly what information will be transferred to Outlook, using the same type of variables as we do for building invoice texts. If you’d like to reference the project, the client name and the contact email, then add those variables to the text template!

Configuring variables in Abak

Once you log in to Abak, the system will check if you have new or updated assignations and reminders, and update your Outlook calendar and tasks. And the result?

The Task List in Outlook describe the image An appointment from Abak to Outlook

Ta-da! Appointments show up in your calendar, or in tasks. You decide what goes where.

Security is managed by user group. You select who should get Outlook integration (although in our book, everyone should!).

What do you think? Where should we take Outlook integration from here? Tell us in the comments!

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