Create a Configurable Resource Productivity Report in Abak

Our clients love our Resource Productivity Report because it shows the proportion of billable time VS non-billable time worked for each employee and contractor. However, some of our clients need to exclude some data from the calculations. For example, excluding vacation, sick days and other paid leave from the report might give a more accurate representation of the proportion of billable time.

While the standard Resource Productivity Report is not configurable, we can use the Pivot Reports to produce the same information, while being able to exclude pay codes, activities or projects. The genius behind Abak’s pivot reports is that we can save and share report templates, for use by other users or with a different data set later on. Moreover, since the templates contain no data, there is no risk to the business’ confidentiality of data.

Here’s how to use the Resource Productivity Pivot Report Template.

  1. Download the template files here. Unzip the files and save them on your computer.
  2. In Abak, go to the report section and create a pivot report for the dates you want.
    Abak Report
    1. Choose only timesheets
    2. Add the pay code data to your pivot report data set.
  3. Open the report in Abak. Now, we’ll apply the template. To do so, open the Template menu and browser to the files you saved on your computer earlier.
    Abak Report
  4. Your report should now display billable VS non-billable hours and percentages, per employee, pay code and task. You can click on the + sign next to the employee name to see more detail.Abak Report
  5. To exclude a pay code or an activity from your report, click on the configuration button on the left-hand bar. This will open the activity list window and allow you to uncheck activities such as vacation or leave, so they are removed from the report.Abak ReportAbak Report
  6. And you’re done!
  7. Export your report to Excel or PDF format from the Export menu.
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