The Pro’s Corner: Changing Project Resource Rates in One Go

You set rates on projects for resources using the assignment calendar available in projects, and now it’s time to change rates on some or all projects.

Accessing each project and going to rate assignment for each resource quickly becomes fastidious.  Rate changes on projects from the resources management is for you.

Enter in resources management window, select the resource to change the rate and click on the contract assignment icon  in the tool bar.  All projects on which the resource is already assigned are displayed and checked to apply the process.

Make sure to select only projects on which you want to apply the new rate, click on the rate change icon  and enter your update parameters.

First select the date from which the new rate must apply.  The ending date is optional. Select whether you want to apply a new fixed rate or apply a markup/markdown on the existing rate and specify the value.  Note that the markup/markdown option is computed on a 100 percent basis.  E.g. if you enter 110 then a 10 % increase on the existing rate will be applied.  If you enter 85, then a 15 % reduction will be calculated for all existing rates.

This process will close the previous rate set on the project.  If no date was set as ending date on the previous rate calendar, the day before the beginning date of the new rate will be set as the ending date of the previous rate.

Each resource must be processed separately.

After having made the change for all resources, if you think that some timesheets may have been entered with the old rate for a date on which the new rate should apply, do not forget that the rate adjustment icon , available in Timesheets detailed entry window lets you apply the new rate by batch for all resources for a time scope.

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