Managing Time Accruals – No Headache Required

Santa Claus Giving Treats to Young Women on the Beach: Saint Petersburg, FloridaTime accrual, such as vacation or sick days, tends to be centralized in the human resource management system. When a team member wants to know how much vacation time or how many sick days she has available, she has to ask the administration team. When the team is small, this is not a big deal, but when dealing with dozens of employees, answering time accrual questions can be time consuming.

Abak can manage time accruals automatically, and provides the information directly to team members from the time sheet interface. Not only can each employee see the status of their vacation accruals, but they can also see the details of vacation time earned taken in the last year. This makes it convenient and easy for employees to manage their vacation days and sick days, without intervention from the administration team. It also avoids surprises on payday, since it’s so easy to one can know whether we have accrued enough vacation days, for example.

Time bank management is a standard feature in Abak, available to all clients. If you’d like to know more about time bank management or implement the feature in your organization, contact us!

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