A manifesto against double data entry

  1. KookaburrasAutomation is for machines, not humans
    Machines excel at automating tasks like transferring data from one place to another.
  2. Big brains for big tasks
    Our brains are too big to do something as mind-numbing as copy and paste
  3. We can’t trust us
    We are not reliable enough to copy information without introducing mistakes once in a while
  4. Time is money
    People should be working on revenue-producing projects, not repetitive clerical tasks.
  5. Convenient and practical are not the same.
    The road to consultant hell is paved with abandoned spreadsheets, confused versions, and lost emails.

It’s time we grow up and away from manual systems. Our organizations deserve better than copy and paste errors, wasted time and under-billed clients.

Leverage the power of the time and billing system your deserve!

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