It’s time to revamp your system

Voorjaarsschoonmaak in het Vondelpark / Spring cleaning in the VondelparkThe world of business management software is in constant flux. Products evolve rapidly, simply because business needs also evolve rapidly, along with user expectations, technological progress and market trends.

With this in mind, there are two attitudes we can have towards business management software:

  • Software suites are seen as easily replaceable, short-term use tools.
  • The time and money invested in the systems justify maintaining the software at the firm.

While a time and billing system may not be seen as a major investment for a business, it retains an important role for its users. Its flexibility, ergonomics, time to implement, training invested and the structure it brings to the business are not to be ignored. Furthermore, when looking at other solutions, we should assess capabilities for project cost management, budget control, time keeping, invoicing, reporting, and financial integrations.

Regardless of the solution that is chosen, the system needs to be updated to follow with evolving business needs, both on the technical and the implementation side. This regular system audit and update is far less expensive than starting over with a new solution. At Abak, our system revamps include the following:

  • System update to the latest version
  • Implementation assessment to check the fit with the current technological needs
  • Training on the latest features added to the software
  • Focussed training on specific modules of the system that will be useful for the client opr that we unused before
  • Report and invoice customization

With these adjustments, businesses get a system perfectly adapted to their needs, while minimizing the impact on the team and current processes. These system updates, frequent in the aviation industry, avoid investing in a new product and save on training and business process reengineering expenses.

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