Eliminate duplicate projects in Abak

Suddenly you realize that two projects have been created in Abak for the same client, and transactions have been posted in one or more of those projects by mistake.

Now you want to correct this by having all transactions posted to only one client, and delete the duplicate client and projects.

For data integrity reasons, Abak does not allow you to delete projects with transactions, and clients with projects.

Here is a solution:

  • First make sure to have the equivalent project assigned to original client (the one you want to keep).
  •  Then transfer all transactions posted in the “wrong project” (assigned to duplicate client) to the correct project (assigned to the correct client).
  • Use the “Transfer of transactions between projects” option in the “Tools” menu.
  • Make sure to specify “Delete the transactions” in the “Original Transactions” section and “No change” in the “New transactions” section (bottom of window).
  • Select all transactions in the confirmation window.
  • Repeat for all projects if needed.
  • Once the projects have been emptied of transactions, you’ll be able to delete them.
  • Once the client has no projects associated, you’ll be able to delete the duplicate client.
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