Problem with vendor credits transfer to QuickBooks

We have identified and diagnosed a problem with QuickBooks quick booksaccounting transfer of vendor credits.

In Abak, when a vendor credit is entered, taxes are computed by Abak automatically based on the taxes configured for the vendor. When the credit is transferred to QuickBooks, the QuickBooks API ignores the tax override sent by Abak and adds its own taxes. The result is a vendor credit with two sets of taxes: taxes from Abak, and taxes from QuickBooks. The vendor credit must then be corrected manually in QuickBooks.

This problem occurs only with vendor credits, and not with regular vendor invoices. This problem does not affect client invoices, client credits, vendor invoices, expenses, or any other item transferred from Abak to QuickBooks.

The problem is caused by a bug in QuickBooks’ data transfer module, known as QBFC. You can read developer forum threads here and here for more details on the problem.

Until Intuit fixes the QuickBooks transfer module, there is nothing that we at Abak can do to eliminate the problem.

Thanks for your understanding!

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