Let your resources in charge filter their projects in Abak

When accessing project management functions, resources in charge of projects usually see all projects in the system. They would rather like to see only projects that are related to them (e.g. as project manager).

Abak can make them happy!

First make sure to give access to the “In charge filter” dropdown, in security management in the Project management header (Contract -> Show Resource in charge Filter) for appropriate security groups.

Now when opening in project management window, those users can see a dropdown field at the right end of the header. Six options are available. Four of them match with the type of resource in charge as defined by Terminology settings in System configuration.

When selecting one of these options, a list of projects will show only those where the user is established as that type of employee in charge (e.g. project manager). Two other options are available: “All” will show all projects where the user is defined as one type of resource in charge (whatever it is), and “None” will show all projects without any filter.

You can define which filter will apply by default when accessing the project management window in the resource profile, in the “Security” tab and “Options” dropdown window.

  • If you select more than one, the first one will apply.
  • If no selection is made, then the “None” filter will apply by default.
  • This filter applies in addition to any filter set as “Query server”
  • Take note that this filter will also be available in the Assignment feature.
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