Import/Export data for easy bulk updates in Abak

  • Most of your employees are changing rate!
  • You need to add a task to a long list of projects restricted on tasks!
  • A split of telephone area code requires you to update a long list of clients!


All these updates can be done in a simple three-steps process. Lets take the first case as an example.

Step 1: Export your list of employees to an Excel file.

In Abak, use the new Export to Excel feature to create a data file that you will use to reimport once updated with new values. Make sure that the Employee No. is among available columns.

In your Employees management window, click on the Excel button to generate an Excel file from your Employees management grid. This can now be done for most management windows in Abak.

Previously, you may have filtered your employees to keep only employees that are concerned by the rate update using the Query Server button.

Step 2: Modify your Excel file to create your updates file

Remove all unnecessary columns and rows. Actually the only column that you need is the Employee No. You should remove all rows referring to employees that are not changing of rate from the Excel file.

Enter the new rate for each employee in a new column of your Excel file.

Save your file.

Step 3: Import your file in Employees management window

Click on the importing button in the tools bar.

When launching your import, specify a “modification” importing type.

You only have to map your Employee No. and your rate (cost or billable) to your Excel file and process the import.

Now all your employees are updated at once.


Please refer to the “T0003 – How do I… Import data in parameter file” document on our Extranet for detailed information on importing process. Imports are available for most management windows. This document will help you for all types of parameters import.

Please note that the first step is possible only with Abak version 7.2 or higher. With older versions, you will need to create your import file manually.

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