What’s your invoice DNA?

Capital City Dairy Company

Everyone invoices differently. In the professional service field, it’s even more varied: we have fixed contract invoicing, time and material invoicing, mixes of both. We can invoice at the end of the month for work done, or invoice when a milestone is reached, or even invoice when a phase of the project is completed!

Let’s take it a step further: one client may require different invoicing. Some clients require a detailed list of the work done. Other clients prefer a simpler invoice. Sometimes, it depends on the contract: for one client, we might have one fixed-price project, and another time and material project.

It can be a nightmare. And it takes forever. And you can be sure there will be mistakes.

With Abak, you can setup different invoice formats to fit the different ways that you invoice. For each project, you can decide how to invoice the project. And the rest is Abak’s job. It saves and awful lot of time at the end of the month. In fact, our clients reduce their invoicing time by 60% on average. This means an invoicing run that used to take a week now takes only two days.

Think about what you could do with this time!

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