The curious case of unaccounted accounted invoices

Abak's logoYou have one or more invoices that don’t the Accounted status in Abak, but they are entered in your accounting system!

Those invoices are always showing on all your transfer processes!

When you keep them in your selection, your transfer process shows errors!

This situation may occur if you entered them manually in your accounting system or if a previous transfer terminated abnormally. In these cases, these invoices don’t have the Accounted status, as this action is set at the end of the transfer process.  This is why the transfer rejects those invoices when transferring to an accounting system in real time mode: because they already are in the system. And, since they were not transferred, those invoices will still show in the next process.

To stop this problem, you need to complete the transfer of these invoices only in Abak, without being blocked by your accounting software. All you have to do is temporarily change your destination software in step 4 of your transfer process. Then, simply select a file-based software transfer such as “Avantage or Simply Accounting”.

This will create a transfer file without validating if the invoice has already been created in the accounting system.  This validation is usually performed upon file import.  This allows you to complete your transfer process in Abak, have your invoice(s) status set to Accounted and prevent their appearance in your next transfer.  When completed, delete the created file without importing it.

Make sure to select only invoices already in the accounting system, since all other invoices do need to be imported normally.

Note that if you are integrating Abak with an accounting system through transfer files you only need to create a special transfer file with those selected invoices and delete the file without importing it in the accounting system.

This solution can be used for transfer of Clients invoices, Vendors invoices or Expenses accounts payment (as vendors).

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