5 reasons data is better than your gut feeling

Card Puncher, an Integral Part of the Tabulation System Used by the United States Census Bureau to Compile the Thousands of Facts Gathered by the Bureau

Ah, data. In our world of social media and relationship-based selling, it sometimes feels like data is the black sheep. Even though it’s never been so widely available as today, we still rely on our gut feeling and our intuition to know how our business is doing.

  1. Data has no feelings.  Data doesn’t try to see the positive in everything, or hope for the best. Data simply gives a picture of how things stand now, and how they have been in the past.
  2. Data doesn’t lie. What is, is. How much has been billed is not something that can be fudged easily. It’s black and white, right there on the computer screen.
  3. Data has no excuses. Data is not about the why, but about the what of things.
  4. Data is the same regardless of who’s looking at it. It doesn’t matter how optimistic or pessimistic I am, if the report shows that we’re losing money on a project, there is no argument to be had there – well except about why we’re losing money, and that is a whole other ballgame.
  5. Data gives a true picture of the present and the past. It may be cold-hearted, but is it really a bad thing? We do need a cold shower every once in a while.
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