Hunting for project revenues: billable hours

While evaluating projects for the entinre department or the entire business, we can assess their importance regarding the business revenues. With a pie chart showing billable hours per project, we can see which projects make the most of our revenues.

From this information, we might want to ask ourselves if it’s ok that one project repesents 25% of our revenues? Would we want to depend on that project? Or even on a client that represents such a big chunk of revenues?

We can build the same type of chart do display billable hours per client, and see, just like projects, if we are repending too much on a single client for our revenue.

Of course, this has nothing to do with income, since there are nos costs involved here. We could build a chart showing project billings or client billings, which might give us better insight on the diversity of our business.

What do you think? Which metric do you use to asses your company’s health? Is it a billable hours ratio? Revenues? Profits? Percentage of profits?

It doesn’t matter which metric you choose. It should be easily available whenever you need it. Any manager in your business shuld be able to know, when they need to, iof their business unit or their department is meeting performance targets. Abak allows professional service businesses to know, in real time, the health of their projects.

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