What’s the real cost for your billing system?

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When shopping for a time and billling system, we tend to compare licence costs only, and we forget about the total cost of ownership for a solution.

Beyond paying for a software licence, we should also look at what is required for implementation, training, and hardware needs.

More than that, we should also look beyond the dollar costs and examine the time that needs to be invested in the new solution to make it operational. This is essential to compute the total cost of ownership. And wihtout the cost of onwership, it would be impossible for us to know the return on our investment.

Let’s look at Abak, for a team of 5:

  • Yearly licence, including accounting integration: $ 660
  • Training, 15 hours, web-based: $ 1400
  • Implementation: done during and between training session by the client themselves. The time required depends on the management choices made by the clients. It usually takes about 5 days of work (40 hours) to get Abak up and running. However, most of our clients don’t stop their business for a week or two to get their time and billing system implemented, they will do it part time, which can bring implementation delays upwards of one month.
  • Hardware and software: a basic windows workstation is fine for users, and windows server with Microsoft SQL Express will run Abak’s server.

As you can see, Abak’s hardware and software needs are on the light side. However, there is no skirting the implementation and configuration work. When choosing a time and billing, we should beware of solution providers that promise implementation within a few hours.

As for Abak, we prefer to present a realistic picture of the resources needed to get the most out of our time and billing system, rather than over promise and end up with unhappy customers.

What do you think?

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