Revenue By Resource: Who’s Bringing In The Money?

Negro bus-boy dishwashers, Investment Pharmacy, Washington, ...In a business where time is the product and its value is based on the people in the team, it’s important to know how much revenue is created by each team member. It can be used as a performance objective given to the resources or department leaders. It can also be used as a critical business metric.

Revenue by resource is the sales figures for each team member. From this information, after subtracting the cost rate, one can get gross profit margins for each team member.

Knowing how much revenue is created by each team member is essential. Without this information, it becomes impossible to prioritize resource assignment and evaluate team performance.

Resource Work Billable Non-Billable Revenue
Resource A 40 40 0 4000.00
Resource B 65 40 25 4000.00
Resource C 56 20 36 2000.00
Resource D 60 0 60 0.00
Resource E 50 35 15 3500.00
Total 271 135 136 13 500.00

As we can see in the table above, the resource bringing in the most revenue is not the one working the most hours, but the one with the highest proportion of billable hours.

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