Important information for Windows 7 users

We recently diagnosed a problem we’d been seeing with Windows 7 users with a high-resolution graphics card: Abak’s interface looked wrong, with some buttons becoming inaccessible. The problem is caused by a change in how default fonts work in Windows 7, which makes the default system font 25% bigger than it should be.
The fix is a simple registry modification. Read the details here, or contact support for more information.

Time and Billing doesn’t have to hurt


No one likes to fill out their time sheets. No one likes to do their invoicing at the end of the month.

Yet, everyone likes a paycheck, no?

Then, why are time and billing processes so painful? Why are we so opposed to logging our time, or asking out clients for money? It’s all in the mindset. à

Many of us are uncomfortable with the idea of reporting to someone else. Logging out time feels like an evaluation, a justification of our work. The process is a little different for invoicing our clients: we often feel uncomfortable sending a big bill to a client, as our work was not worth the amount printed at the bottom of the page. When it comes to billing, there is a component of self-confidence that is touched.

Let’s say it together: we’re worth the money!

We’re worth the money our clients pay us. If we are proud of the work we’ve done, we should be proud of the invoice that comes with it! If we feel that we’ve done a good week of work, we should feel good about filling out our timesheet!

Make time and billing easier

Timesheets and billing can be made easier with the right system for our needs. Whether it’s a mobile app or a desktop system, connecting the work we’ve done automatically to the clients we bill will not only save time, but also grief at the end of the month.